Your Global Source for Distribution & Transmission Poles (Wooden and Steel)

We know quality poles and crossarms are essential to maintain a robust power grid. When it comes to our wooden utility poles, we harvest the best wood available from forests nationwide. We also partner with environmentally responsible foresters that participate in sustainable timber management.

Our wooden poles are an economical choice. They are easy to climb for maintenance chores and are a renewable resource that can be reused, remanufactured, or re-claimed. In addition to treated wood poles and crossarms, we also offer aluminum poles, concrete poles, and steel poles.


  • Transmission poles 50 feet and longer
  • Distribution poles under 50 feet in length


Our wood poles meet AWPA and ANSI standards.


  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Douglas Fir

Available Treatments

  • CCA
  • Creosote
  • Penta
  • Copper naphthenate

Steel Poles

Steel poles are galvanized. Transmission poles are traditionally anchor-based and we supply the anchor cages with the pole. They traditionally have Davit arms made of steel. Light duty or WPE poles are traditionally direct embed and have a below-grade protection application of Targuard® coal tar epoxy. Steel crossarms are traditionally wood or fiberglass. 

We also offer marine and foundation pilings by request.






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